AA Rescue Safety Advice

As part of Hyundai’s commitment to after sales excellence, we have teamed up with AA Ireland offering you Hyundai Assist Roadside Rescue with every new Hyundai purchased in Ireland since November 2010. AA Hyundai Assist is designed to keep you motoring and give you full of peace of mind for the duration of your 5 year warranty period. With AA Hyundai Assist your vehicle will be covered for most, but not all, vehicle related faults. 


AA Rescue - Safety Advice.

What to do in the event of a breakdown:

1. Try and guide the vehicle safely to the side of the road or if on a motorway to the hard shoulder/breakdown lane. Signal your intentions to drivers around you and if you must change lanes watch your mirrors and the traffic around you closely.

2. Stop as far to the left as possible and switch on your hazard warning lights.

3. Once you are off the road freephone AA Rescue on 0818 66 77 88 (Ireland) 0800 66 77 88 (Northern Ireland and UK) and provide the following information:

· Your Hyundai model, colour and registration number you are driving

· Details of your exact location

· The nature of the rescue- what you think may be the problem

· If you are in a vulnerable situation or have specific needs, be sure to make this clear

* If you do not have the use of a working mobile phone and must walk a distance to locate a telephone please do so with care


4. While you are waiting for the AA patrol to arrive and are in a safe location try and make your car visible by putting a reflective warning triangle behind the vehicle if you have one and use your emergency flashers/warning indicators. If it’s dark turn on your interior dome lights.

5. If your vehicle is in a hard shoulder on the motorway please wait outside and stand safely behind the steel barriers until the AA patrol arrives to help.